European Refugee Crisis: A ´Systematic´ Violation of Human Rights

The article "European Refugee Crisis: A ´Systematic´ Violation of Human Rights" written by Krishnadev Calamur and published in "The Atlantic" is about the refugee crisis in Europe and especially the human rights violations of the Czech Republic with regard to the refugees coming to their country seeking for shelter. I can really recommend this article since it is not only interesting but also very important and informative. Those human rights violations happen here in Europe today – right now – at the moment. They are a current problem and we finally have to stop looking away and face this problem.





Migrant crisis: EU to unveil emergency aid plan

The EU's European Commission announced a plan for spending 700 million euros in humanitarian aid over the next 3 years. This would be the first time such funding is distributed to the UN instead of national governments. The aim is to help overburdened states, especially Greece.

"The European Union is preparing to spend hundreds of millions of euros on humanitarian aid, as Greece struggles to cope with an influx of migrants.

New UN report finds pervasive violence in Central America driving women refugees to seek U.S. asylum

LatinaLista — The world understands why the refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc. are streaming into Western Europe in numbers described as "unprecedented in its sheer scale since the end of World War II." Thanks to the hundreds of reporters on the ground filing daily media reports of the violence happening in those countries, the world sees firsthand the bombed-out buildings, the brutality of ISIS and Al Queda and the consequences of that deadly violence to the men, women and children who get caught in the crossfire.


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