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Gentrification in New York


In the past, the neighborhood of Manhattan and Brooklyn consists of mostly low-income people; however, gentrification has drastically reduced the number of poor people in those areas. Instead, a lot of luxurious residential projects are built for upper-class people. It is also notable that the number apartments that are affordable to low-income families also decreased. As a result, the rent significant increased in the gentrifying neighborhoods and many low-income people are displaced into project housing.

Tales from the Historic Native American Oil Pipeline Protest

A protest of incredible and historical scale is happening near Cannonball, North Dakota. Thousands of Native Americans have gathered at the Standing Rock preservation in camps to protest the building of the $4 billion Bakken Pipeline. Considered the largest gathering in over a 100 years, this one includes members from 280 indigenous tribes. They have travelled from all across America to protest the building of the oil pipeline which will run through Dakota, crossing hundreds of waterways down to the Midwest.

Human first, citizen later!

Nowadays, when human rights are becoming increasingly associated with citizenship and protection of the state, many become victims of the cruelty of the system. As the article points, the victims often have no way of seeking counseling or any other form of help in the foreign country they find themsleves in. The process of reporting the crime and later seeking justice is long and painful and the state usually offers no assistance whatsoever. 


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