Dawes: That the World May Know, 3 Discussion Points


  • 1) In the first chapter, Dawes brings up key questions regarding the moral obligation or responsibility that comes with storytelling - namely: Do I have the right to talk about this? What gives me the moral authority to tell this story? How do I prove authenticity to my readers? (Dawes 24). The responsibility of representation is in tension with the fact that the story is out of the author's control once it is released to the public. How do we begin to map where the author's responsibility begins and ends?

The Convention of the Rights of the Child

The Convention of the Rights of the Child defines a child and seeks to protect the child from danger due to the vulnerabilities that arise from their innocence and youth. It desires to respect the wishes of the child and treats the child as an individual worthy of demonstrating autonomy in their lives. It reinforces the need to protect the child from danger in regards to drugs and all forms of psychological, physical or sexual abuse. 





Water Rights

Here are two articles about the current situation in Detroit, in which the municipality is turning off the water of hundreds of thousands of people who are in arrears in their payments.  One article is from the US-based online journal, Slate; the other from UK-based The Guardian.  After you read thes


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