Human Rights vs. Environmental Rights


Express newspaper (link below) reports the hot news of a family of lions being killed by eating donkey meat poisoned by nomads in Namibia. The report is very one-sided as it simply states that nomads killed a family of lions as revenge for killing thier donkey. The report uses terms such as 'tragedy' to describe the intensity of this occurence. 

(Group 3) #BringOurGirlsBack: It's not over


(Group 3)

There has been an update on the horrible kidnapping of 276 Nigerian schoolgirls committed by Boko Haram. Two years after the kidnapping in Chibok, Boko Haram, the terrorist group in an allegiance with ISIL, has released a video on Sunday, August 14th.

A masked fighter represented the group in the video. He claimed he will release the girls if the government releases Boko Haram prisoners and ceases fighting. Or else, he added, they risk never seeing the girls again.

From Marriage to Murderer


Wasila Tasiu was only a young teen when she was "happily" arranged to marry a 40 year-old man from her village. According to Tasiu's father, Wasila was supposedly 14 when she got married, but her attorney argues that she was actually around the ages of 11 or 12. Regardless of her age, there is no law in Nigeria that makes it illegal for a teenage girl to marry. In fact, Nigeria is one of the most popular areas for child brides. Wasila was married to Umaru Sani for 17 days when, for unclear reasons, she decided to kill him by mixing his food with rat poison.

Gambian Government Kills Opposition Politician


Applicable Human Rights Violations

Article 5 - Freedom from torture and degrading treatment

Article 9 - Freedom from arbitrary arrest and exile


In a protest where activists called for electoral reform in Gambia, 25 charges were made and one man, Solo Sandeng, was beaten to death while in detention. Protestors advocating for his release were attacked with teargas, chased, and beaten. His family is now living in exile. 


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