Children Labor

The article shows how Indonesian children are illegally abused in the tobacco industry. Kids of eight years old work on the fields with inhuman labor conditions, exposed to toxic and nicotine poisoning, There health is at risk, most of them are likely to get cancer. Children labor is an often human violation, with almost 1.5 million kids between age 10 and 17 working in agriculture, only in Indonesia.

Human trafficking

43,200 times, Karla Jacinto a young Mexican girl, was raped. When she was only five years old she was sexually abused by a relative. At the age twelve, she escaped with his "boyfriend", a man 10 years older than her she just met, since her mother didn't care for her. After three months of a fake relationship, he forced her into sexual labor. She was raped 30 times per day for the next four years. The article highlights this case to show how human trafficking still prevails in prominent countries like the United States and Mexico. 

Enforced disappearance of 43 students in Mexico

The article describes the enforced disappearance of 43 students in the Mexican State of Guerrero, in 2014. The Mexican government has failed to investigate the case and providing a just answer to the student's families. Only one of the students has been found and the rest are still missing. This case lights out many other disappearances in Mexico that the State hasn't resolve. The corruption and incompetence of the government don't allow justice to be done and human violations to be repair.  

Modern Slavery

We like to think that slavery doesn't exist in the modern world since it was banished centuries ago. However, this oppressive practice continues to be a problem around the world, threatening the most basic human rights. The video embodies the real conflict of modern slavery in the 21st century through powerful images taken by the photographer Lisa Kristine. 


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