Venezuela's Crisis: Feed them cake, Mr. President?

The country only has $11.9 billion in 2016 reserves left in it central bank. In 2011 before, they had $30 billion. Experts predict they only have up two years before the country is out of money, and that means the country will only continue to damage its own human dignity. .

Despite sitting on top of one of the world’s largest oil reserves, it is unlikely Venezuela will be able to covers its own debt to lenders, because of a 13 year old low in oil prices. Lenders include China, oil companies, importers and bondholders, among others.

Nauru: Australia's asylum seeker prison

“Assaults, sexual abuse, self-harm, inhuman conditions – over 2,000 newly leaked reports paint a sordid picture of Australia’s offshore refugee detention operations on the Pacific island of Nauru.” By forcibly transferring refugees and people seeking asylum to Nauru, detaining them for prolonged periods in inhuman conditions, denying them appropriate medical care, and in other ways structuring its operations so that many experience a serious degradation of their mental health, the Australian government has violated the rights to be free from torture and other ill-treatment, and from arbitra

South Sudanese Refugees Flee to Uganda

26th July 2016

The volatile security situation in South Sudan has resulted in approximately 37,000 refugees fleeing to Uganda, with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) voicing serious concerns regarding violence. UNHCR is taking an active role to support Uganda as refugee centers struggle to cope with the influx due to limited capacity. They are currently attempting to orgnanize new settlement areas as quickly as possible and to acquire more funding to support their initiatives. 


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