Chinese Olympian Breaks Barrier

Every woman at some point or another will get their period- it is a coming of age, a natural, biological occurrence. And yet, to discuss it, or mention it as a woman is seen as "dirty" or "inappropriate".

In both sports and in China, the words "menstration cycle" have a negative taboo. In fact, tampon and pad commercials have been banned from playing. Furthermore, tampons are rarely sold as they are thought to "rob a girl of her virginity".

Man Shot by Anti-Arab Neighbor

In Tulsa, a Muslim-American man was shot and killed by his neighbor. Horrifyingly enough, this was not the first time the family experienced such run-ins with this neighbor. Earlier, he had ran over another family member with his car, causing her to end up in critical condition in the hospital. Reportedly, he called the family names, stating, "You dirty Arabs, get out of here." 

GMO Mosquito - A violation of human rights?

For the last five years, the biotechnology company Oxitec has been developing a plan to experimentally release GMO mosquitoes in the Florida Keys, which scientists hope could eventually impede the spread of the Zika virus. However, there has been much community uproar in the Keys due to a perceived violation of human rights. 

As a community member states: “It’s about human rights – this can’t be pushed down our throats without consent,” said De Mier, who views her mission as helping mould policy on genetically modified animals for the country.


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