Human first, citizen later!

Nowadays, when human rights are becoming increasingly associated with citizenship and protection of the state, many become victims of the cruelty of the system. As the article points, the victims often have no way of seeking counseling or any other form of help in the foreign country they find themsleves in. The process of reporting the crime and later seeking justice is long and painful and the state usually offers no assistance whatsoever. 

Chinese government sources admit forced abortion continues under two-child policy

China abandons the One-Child Policy.”  The Chinese government has already announced that China has moved towards the Two-Child policy, giving the misleading impression that all coercive population control had ceased.  A close analysis of several reports coming out of China, however, demonstrates that Chinese government sources themselves inadvertently have admitted that forced abortion continues under the Two-Child Policy. That is to say that forced abortion still remains in this new coming policy. 

9-Year old shot by sniper in Syria

Ghina Wadi, a nine-year old girl from Madaya, Syria, was shot in the leg while walking with her sister to bring medicine to her mother. Because the surgery she needed was not available in the beseiged town, locals pleaded the government for Ghina to be allowed to leave, but she was not allowed to do so. Fortunately, a social media campaign supported by Amnesty International as well as the United Nations with the hastag #SaveGhina was enough to allow volunteers to carry her in a stretcher to a hospital where her leg could be treated.


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