Words on Water - Documentary about displacement caused by Narmada Valley Dam


Above is a YouTube link to a 4-minute trailer of the documentary, Words on Water by Sanjay Kak. This documentary is about the mass displacement of indigenous populations caused by the building of the Narmada Valley dams. Rob Nixon mentions this project when discussing the work of the writer-activist, Anudharti Roy, in his book that we read in Human Rights class.

Honour killing

On Jul.30, there was another extremely cruel honour killing happened in Punjab, Pakistan. 35 year-old NazirHussid killed both sisters of his before the day they were going to get married with their fiances because he thought it will be better for them to marry 2 decent distant relatives.

Free Speech Can Cause Real Harm

People from outside one culture or circle should feel free to express their opinions and not have them dismissed so easily. With debate, we learn to extend our empathy and understanding beyond what we consider familiar. However unnecessarily controversial or aggressive statements can undermine everything that the notion of free speech has given us, ridiculing it or reducing it to silly debates.

Poland's Constitutional Crisis and Why It Matters

Within merely 26 years, Poland managed to break away from the Soviet Union, join the EU and NATO and even tranform its economy from totally centrally controlled to competetive, capitalist one. With absolute trust in 'the Western friends' the country implemented all the necessary (and painful) political and economic reforms, pursuing the ideal at an amazing speed. That velocity however, never truly allowed cultural and political understanding to keep up with the changes.


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