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By Pamela Constable Washington Post *Content warning: violence against women* One woman described being raped, strangled and bashed against a wall by the father of her twin boys. Two teenagers said they were forced to become sex slaves for gang members. A young mother was severely beaten by her ex-boyfriend and obtained a court order against him, but gang members broke into her house and... Read more
Tags: El Salvador, Gender Violence, Latin America
By Franco Ordoñez WASHINGTON While destroying the Islamic State remains the State Department’s top priority in President Barack Obama’s new budget request for 2017, curbing illegal immigration from Central America has become a major priority, on par with with countering Russian aggression. The budget proposal sent to Congress on Tuesday requested $750 million for... Read more
Tags: El Salvador, Latin America, Refugees
Author Kiese Laymon revisits a high school memory in the wake of the Bill Cosby rape cases, exploring his own brutality and victimization growing up within a racist, patriarchal society - a society, Laymon says, that continues to be selective in what violence it acknowledges, and blinded to the many ramifications of that violence. This article explores intersectional oppressive systems, sexual... Read more
Tags: black men, black women, patriarchy, sexual assualt, Whiteness
In this article, Angela Davis addresses global issues in liberation, drawing from her decades of activism, not only in Black Liberation in the U.S., but reaching across the oceans. Davis says that Black freedom movements have been supported by activists from Latin America to Palestine, and that a global vision is very necessary for a freedom movement like Black Lives Matter. Davis discusses... Read more
Tags: Black Lives Matter, Civil Rights, Intersectional feminism, Palestine
"Viewers witnessed one of the most political halftime shows in the Super Bowl’s history as the legendary singer Beyoncé paid tribute to the Black Panthers and the Black Lives Matter movement. Backstage, Beyoncé’s dancers posed with their fists in the air, recalling the black power salute by Tommie Smith and John Carlos at the 1968 Olympics. Meanwhile, homeless advocates staged a series of... Read more
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Thirty-seven years after the 1979 Revolution in Iran, the new Code of Criminal Procedures came into force in June of 2015. The new Code is supposed to address the flaws in criminal procedures but it does not conform to the international fair trail standards. Thousands of people still remain in jail and on death row after unfair trails and for crimes that do not warrant the punishment that was... Read more
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Last week the U.S. became the twentieth country to sign the Port State Measures Agreement, which empowers officials to prohibit foreign vessels suspected of illegal fishing from receiving port services and access. This week President Obama will sign legislation that will effectively ban American imports of fish caught by forced labor in Southeast Asia. Over the next month the National Oceanic and... Read more
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Defying authorities, an Australian hospital has refused to discharge a year-old asylum seeker patient, blocking the infant's return to a detention center in the neighboring island-nation of Nauru. Occurring in the wake of a burgeoning #LetThemStay campaign, which has medical staff, teachers, church leaders, and activists rallying together calling for asylum-seekers and refugees to be allowed to... Read more
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Stories of fatal police encounters have consistently made headlines over the last few years. With many outraged by police brutality, and relationships between police and communities at all time lows, one would hope things could not get worse. However, The New York Times recently published an article shedding light on shootings by guards within hospitals. According to the article, more and more... Read more
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