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“North Korea’s restrictions on fundamental freedoms like free speech, movement, and association evidently know no bounds,” said Robertson. “Pyongyang’s leaders are trying to drag their people back into a darker past, when their obedience was not disturbed by videos from Seoul, and the possibility of flight to South Korea.”
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This article illustrates America's botched relationship with prisons and with drugs. About half of the inmates of federal prisons are there on drug related charges, yet prisons have no successful way of eradicating the widepread drug addiction of its populace. Under the law, inmates are not allowed to recieve medication-assisted therapy for drug addiction, a successful, widespread, and... Read more
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A great passage:Sometimes, our self-deception can be downright funny. Two weekends ago, the New York Times profiled a group of fancy private schools in New York City where wealthy, white and privileged students learn that they are…wealthy, white and privileged. There’s even an annual “White Privilege Conference,” which is being held this year at Dalton School (tuition: $41,350). More... Read more
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After several weeks of discussions with Chancellor Nicholas Dirks, the UC Berkeley Black Student published demands for improving the condition and experiences of Black Students on campus on Wednesday. 
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University of Oklahoma closed Sigma Alpha Epsilon on March 9 in response to the release of a video of fraternity members singing a racist chant on a bus ride to a party. OU President David Boren expelled two of the leaders of the chant on March 10.SAE national headquarters closed down the University of Oklahoma chapter, and SAE's national president released a statement... Read more
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According to Democracy Now!, in Wisconsin, "high school and college students packed the State Capitol Monday in the fourth day of protest over the killing of unarmed black teenager Tony Robinson. Police say Robinson was shot and killed in an apartment after Officer Matt Kenny responded to a report of a man jumping in and out of traffic after assaulting someone. Some 1,500 students filled the... Read more
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The announcement that the Department of Justice would not bring civil rights charges against Darren Wilson did not surprise me; I felt numb to it. It is absurd that the Department of Justice can find that the entire Ferguson police department--as so many across the country--engaged in racist surveillance, stops, and searches (probably since its inception), and yet Darren Wilson can be found not... Read more
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Around the world 62 million girls are not in school. Millions more are fighting to stay there. As a girl grows older the fight to get an education becomes even harder. Her family is tasked with the burden of having to be able to afford and also willing to pay for school. The girl herself faces her own dangers, whether it be walks to school or can be forced to marry or impregnated. Education... Read more
This article reports on the prisoner strike at Willacy County Correctional Center on February 20th. This prison is a for-profit prison in Texas. In this strike, prisoners refused to eat breakast and work to protesting insufficient medical care. This protest snowballed into a riot: an inmate set fire to some of the tents, three people were injured, and tear gas was used to stop the... Read more
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