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Recently Human Rights Watch shared the letter on its website. For reference, the letter is reproduced below as well as over one hundred signatories. Last December, the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence released the summary, findings and conclusions of its four-year investigation into the Detention and Interrogation Program operated by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Since... Read more
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In a 5-4 decision, the United States Supreme Court has ruled that Oklahoma's lethal injection protocol, which makes use of the controversial drug midazolam, is protected by the constitution. In the short term, this decision means executions in the four states that use the drug will proceed as normal. It also deals a blow to the growing movement against the death penalty. The Eighth Amendment... Read more
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(Brussels) – Human Rights Watch today issued a question-and-answer document that looks at the nationalities of the people risking their lives on boats on the Mediterranean to reach the European Union. It examines whether the majority of those arriving are economic migrants as United Kingdom Prime Minister David Cameron has claimed. The document shows that most of the record number of people... Read more
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Saudi-led coalition airstrikes that killed at least 65 civilians, including 10 children, and wounded dozens in the Yemeni port city of Mokha on July 24, 2015, are an apparent war crime. Starting between 9:30 and 10 p.m., coalition airplanes repeatedly struck two residential compounds of the Mokha Steam Power Plant, which housed plant workers and their family members. The failure of Saudi Arabia... Read more
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The article is copied below. For more information on demolition in the Palestine-Israel area see JERUSALEM (Ma'an) -- Israeli military bulldozers on Tuesday demolished four stores belonging to Palestinians in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan, locals said. Israeli forces reportedly accompanied the bulldozers into Silwan in... Read more
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The article from Human Rights Watch is copied below. For more information on human rights surrounding the rules of war and the protection of civilian persons see the IV Geneva Convention at (New York) – Separatist insurgents in southern Thailand... Read more
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The United Nations children's foundation UNICEF reports that at least 8,700 children have already fled Honduras this year, the underlying causes being violence and poverty. Within the first four months of 2015, at least 2,500 child migrants returned to Honduras after being reported, mostly from Mexico. The Obama administration is working to push forward a program called Alliance for Prosperity... Read more
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In June, after a year-long study, the UN published a 484-page report detailing the widespread nature of human rights abuses occurring in Eritrea -- among those abuses were extrajudicial killings, torture, sexual slavery and forced labor. The UN commission attributed the abuses to the government of President Isaias Afwerki, which has previously faced criticism from human rights organizations.... Read more
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CAIRO, June 29 (Reuters) - An Egyptian court said on Monday it would issue a ruling on July 30 in the retrial of two Al Jazeera television journalists previously sentenced to seven to 10 years in prison. Mohamed Fahmy, a naturalized Canadian who has given up his Egyptian citizenship, and Egyptian Baher Mohamed were previously charged with aiding a terrorist organization, a reference to the... Read more
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