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Picture description: Officers arrest about 200 people for breaching ban on public assembly after fourth night of protests over death of Aruban tourist Mitch Henriquez. The following is a news segment from the Guardian, an online news hub based in the United Kingdom. About 200 people have been arrested after the fourth night of unrest in The Hague following the death of a Caribbean tourist... Read more
Tags: Europe, Police Brutality
Picture description: Israeli soldiers arrest a young Palestinian boy following clashes in the center of the occupied West Bank town of Hebron, June 20, 2014. (Photo: Thomas Coex/AFP) The following article was published in Mondoweiss, an online news hub with coverage in the Middle East. The recently released United Nations report on the 2014 war in Gaza meticulously documents last summer’s... Read more
Tags: Israel-Palestine, Middle East
Picture description: USAID workers conduct a healthcare services survey in Uganda. The following is an article from Open Democracy, an online news hub. Please click the following links for this article in other languages: Russian, Spanish, and French. The article begins: Globally, we are witnessing something of a crisis mentality within civil society. A vivid example emerged in the... Read more
Tags: Global, Human Rights Organizations
Picture description: Adan Lobo, a 34-year-old native of Tegucigalpa, Honduras, stares at his SRO from the parking lot of the El Capitan Hotel in San Francisco’s Mission District on May 14. The following article is from El Tecolote, a bilingual commuity journal project out of the San Francisco Mission neighborhood. To read the article in Spanish, please see it here Read more
Tags: gentrification, United States
The following is an article from LA Times, a news hub based in Los Angeles, CA. The article is a follow-up with one of a group of passengers who were recently kicked off a train for being too loud. The members of the group feel that it was a racially motivated action. For more on the connetion between human rights and race, please see Read more
Tags: Racial Justice, United States
The following is a news piece from the Huffington Post, an online news hub. This article discusses the ethnic cleansing under the name of environmental conservation. The establishment of national parks in the United States came at the expense of  indigenous folk who were just living in their ancestral homeland. For more information regarding indigenous people's rights and the... Read more
Tags: Conservation, United States
The following is a news piece from East Bay Express a newspaper based in Oakland, CA. Related is how "the former United Nations Commission on Human Rights and the United Nations Human Rights Council have drawn attention to the relationship between a safe and healthy environment and the enjoyment of human rights. Most recently, the Human Rights Council in its resolution 7/23 of March 2008 and... Read more
Tags: Environmental Justice, United States
The following is a news piece from East Bay Express a newspaper based in Oakland, CA. Related is the eight section of the U.S. Bill of Rights which forbids "cruel and unusual punishment." Chea Bou, a plainspoken, middle-aged man, fled Cambodia when he was nine years old. He recalls the way the grass pricked the bottom of his bare feet as he walked for miles to the Thai border. His family... Read more
Tags: Immigration, United States
Organizations can pretty easily be infiltrated by governments for their own agenda which is why we have to keep a close watch on them. The article that follows calls into question the legitimacy of Human Rights Watch, a prominent "independent" human rights organization. For more information on the conflict of interest check out this interview with Russia Today (RT) Read more
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