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JOINT PRESS RELEASE FROM CLEAN WATER ALLIANCE, OWE AKU/BRING BACK THE WAY, IT’S ALL ABOUT THE WATER, AND DAKOTA RURAL ACTIONApril 30, 2015 Contact:Jeffrey Parsons, Attorney, 303-823-5738Lilias Jarding, Ph.D., 605-787-2872 (Clean Water Alliance) Opponents of a proposed uranium mine claimed victory today, as the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s Atomic Safety and Licensing Board (ASLB) ruled... Read more
Tags: Indigenous Rights, North America
This is a link to a 3 minute NPR segment on Lebanon's garbage crisis. A summary and transcript is included.
Tags: Environmental Justice, Middle East
Article describes growing number of "migrants" coming into Hungary on way to Germany.  Many say they do not want to live permanently in Europe, but only want to wait until their homelands are stable.  This is an important aspect to research.  
Tags: Europe, Refugees
Addressing some of the most controversial statements on immigration put forward by GOP candidates, an immigration attorney sets the record straight.
Tags: Immigration Myths, United States
A view from the United Kingdom on how this term is used in very different ways.
Tags: Britian, Europe, Immigration, Migrants, Terminology, United Kingdom
Important distinction between the two terms, and their legal implications.
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Picture descriptio: San Diego Chargers cheerleaders posed with their hands above their heads holding pom poms. They are on a field and they all have different costumes of super heroes on.The following article is from RT, short for Russia Today a news hub originating from Russia. Related to this article are discussions on labor rights. For more connections between human rights and labor rights,... Read more
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