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A Human Rights Watch report released Monday, titled The State Let Evil Take Over calls Brazil's prisons, "a human rights disaster," due to conditions of extreme overcrowding, violence within the prisons, and the prevalence of disease. Some of the detainees have not even been convicted of a crime. In the Brazilian state of Pernambuco, the situation is most serious. The prisons hold three times... Read more
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For the past month and a half, the group Dalit Women Fight has traveled around the United States to spread awareness of their work organizing against caste-based apartheid and sexual violence. According to their website, the group is working "to call out the systemic failure of the Indian government to protect Dalit women and their families," and to break the silence of caste apartheid and caste-... Read more
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UNICEF’s head has urged Japan and other nations to be more receptive to refugees and migrants, saying some countries can benefit from helping accommodate the surging number of people displaced by conflicts worldwide. Japan's response to the situation of refugees is a pledge to provide a total of $1.5 billion in emergency aid for refugees and for stabilization of communities facing upheaval. But... Read more
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This October 12 Alaska became the first state to rename the federal holiday Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples' Day, joining a number of U.S. cities who have already done so, including Portland, OR, Albuquerque, NM, Olympia, WA, and Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN among others; and the State of South Dakota, which similarly renamed the holiday Native American Day in 1990. The Indian Country Today... Read more
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Diana Sacayan, a prominent transgender activist, was found dead in her apartment in Buenos Aires on Tuesday. Her bodied showed signs of violence. Her death is the third violent transgender death in the past month, after those of Marcela Chocobar and Coty Olmos. Sacayan was a leader of the Argentinian group Moviemento Antidiscriminatorio de Liberacion and an alternate representative of the... Read more
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"Immigration detention in Australia is more than twice as expensive as in comparable countries in Europe and North America, new research has found."
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Doctors at the royal children's hospital are refusing to return children back to detentions centers from whence they came. Victoria's Health Minister Jill Hennessy has a positive reaction.
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EU Migration policies "are very likely to come at an unacceptable cost to the rights of migrants, including more deaths, detention and abuse of innocent people"
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      "Amid fears that the war in Syria and Iraq has crossed the border on to Turkish soil, the death toll from the blasts at a Kurdish peace march increased from 95 to 128, according to the pro-Kurdish HD party." Here is an independent take on the Ankara bombing, Turkey's deadliest terrorist attack in history.
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