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(picture description: A staggering image of Mount Garfield taken from its base. All else in the image is an almost cloudless blue sky and a small bit of the freeway at the foot of the mountain.)Moderate estimates of the amount of oil reserves that could be recoverable surpass what is estimated to be in Saudi Arabia. That said, energy officials and politicians in Utah are struggling with... Read more
Tags: Colorado School of Mines, Environemental Justice, Fracking, Oil Shale, Polution, Uintah Basin, United States, Utah, Utah Tar Sands, Vernal
(Picture description: A sea of people gathered outside University of Cape Town face the camera. Some hold signs that say Fees Must Fall) "TEN BEAUTIFUL days of struggle have won the students of South Africa a great victory. They have forced the African National Congress (ANC) government to declare that university fees, which were set to rise by up to 11 percent, will be frozen in 2016.... Read more
Tags: African National Congress, ANC, Cape Town, Education Equality, FeesMustFall, NationalShutdown, South Africa, Africa
(Picture description: woman sits on top of a yellow ladder. Hoisting her right fist in the air, she holds up the Pan-African flag in her left hand. The background is a tree whose leaves have fallen.) Several organizations in Chicago came together around an international police conference. “If you are going to invite 16,000 cops to our city after shutting down 49 schools, half of the mental... Read more
Tags: #BlackLivesMatter, Black Lives Matter, Chicago, IACP, Militarization of the Police, police brutality, United States
(picture description: Three firemen stand on the steps of a church whose white front has been marred by a fire. It is now charcoal black.) 
Tags: #WhoIsBurningBlackChurches, Arson, Black Churches, Black Lives Matter, United States
On October 5th, the University of Washington filed a landmark lawsuit against the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, claiming the agency has been withholding important information about the Santa Cruz massacre of November 1981, part of the civil war in El Salvador in the 1980s. During the massacre Col. Sigifredo Ochoa Pérez led an estimated 1200 Salvadoran army troops in what was called a "... Read more
Tags: Civil War, court of law, El Salvador, Latin America, Lawsuit, Salvadoran Army, survivors, U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, Violence, War
(picture description: Tens of women lined up facing the left stand in what looks like a desert. The sky is blue and makes most of the photo.)"A recent survey published by the Iraqi Women's Journalists Forum (IWJF) found that eight in 10 women in Iraq have suffered some form of sexual harassment.The poll conducted by the Baghdad-based NGO also found an increasing number of women are experiencing... Read more
Tags: Gulf War, Iraq War, Rape, Middle East
(picture description: The bridgeton landfill has a grey cover and a loose network of pipes. There are several catepillar machines dispersed throughout the landfill.)  "A fire is smoldering beneath a landfill in a densely populated suburb of St. Louis — and it has been there for five years. Underground landfill fires, or "smoldering events" as some officials call them, aren't rare. What... Read more
Tags: Environment, Government Accountability, Nuclear Disasters, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, United States
(picture description: two police officers struggle with a student who is on the ground holding one police officers leg. People in the background are watching, photographing and filming the interaction. )  "Riot police in South Africa have fired tear gas and stun grenades at hundreds of students who stormed the parliament precinct in Cape Town in protest at a proposed hike in university... Read more
Tags: Higher Education, police brutality, South Africa, Africa
(Picture description: People holding a banner that reads "Stop Israel War Crimes: Stop Billions of TAX dollars to Israel" in front of the White House in Washington D.C. People behind the banner hold an assortment of signs and some hold Palestinian flags in the air. ) Palestinians and Jews demonstrated with supporters at the White House Saturday, decrying escalating violence against... Read more
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