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(picture courtesy: Jason Boud. Picture description: Students are lined up and sit on tables looking out of the frame.) "Cape Town - Mounting tension at the University of the Western Cape has spurred fears of a confrontation between protesting students and a large contingent of private security personnel and various police units, including the riot squad, not seen on the campus since... Read more
Tags: #FeesMustFall, Administration, college, Fee Hikes, FeesMustFall, Police, South Africa, University, University of Western Cape, Africa
(Picture description: Portrait of Anes Khatib grinning. Courtesy Photo)"Two police officers arrested Anes Khatib, 19, from his home in Shefa-’Amr on a Friday evening last month, and took him to the police station in the city. The original reason for the arrest was “a clarification.” Anes has yet to be returned home."It later became clear that Anes was arrested for publishing a status on Facebook... Read more
Tags: Facebook, Freedom of Speech, Illegal Detention, Israel-Palestine, Israel-Palestine
(picture description: A portrait of Daniel Holtzclaw a former Oklahoma City police officer facing 36 different criminal counts, including rape, sexual battery, and indecent exposure.) Photo courtesy of NFL Photos"In a yearlong investigation of sexual misconduct by US law enforcement, the Associated Press uncovered about 1,000 officers who lost their badges in a six-year period for rape, sodomy... Read more
Tags: Gender violence, Police Violence, Rape, Rape, sexual violence, United States
(picture description: A portrait of "Mick" smiling into the camera.) Since sexual harrassment claims are often ignored or downlplayed, it almost seems counterintuitive to log this as news. However, I feel that its okay given this is a new instance of a sexual harrassment claim being denied. In the original post Mick talks about the potential for "radical collective love." Here I would like to... Read more
Tags: academia, academic violence, Activism, Audre Lorde, Black Feminism, Black Lives Matter, black women, Campus Violence, college, feminism, Gender violence, Intersectionality, Sexual Harrassment, solidarity, Title IX, United States
(picture description: This is a screen capture of a video that went viral a couple of days ago. In the picture, a police officer is seen throwing a student and her desk on the ground.)A video showing a police officer assaulting a high school student went viral recently. In the video, we can see the officer slamming the student to the ground, dragging her across the floor, throw her and proceed to... Read more
Tags: #AssaultAtSpringValleyHigh, Black Lives Matter, Cruel and Unusual Punishment, Police Brutality, Police Violence, Respectability Politics, South Carolina, Spring Valley High, United States
(picture credit: Sarah Jane Rhee picture description: A woman holds up a sign at a EL stop in Chicago that reads "With $4 Million a day, I would... more community outreach programs, mental health facilities, better budget for public school teachers.")We Charge Genocide in Chicago staged an action where they spoke to residents of Chicago as they commuted on the Elevated Lines. They brought to the... Read more
Tags: Black Lives Matter, Chicago, Police Accountability, Prison Aboltion, Self-determination, Self-Determination, United States
(picture description: People stand in front of Al-Makassed Hospital in occupied East Jerusalem holding signs in Arabic and English that question silence around Israeli treatment of hospitals.)"Israeli forces raided the Al-Makassed Hospital in occupied East Jerusalem on Thursday, shooting tear gas, stun grenades and rubber-coated steel bullets during a sit-in protest against recent Israeli... Read more
Tags: Al-Makassed Hospital, East Jerusalem, Israel-Palestine, rubber bullets, tear gas, Terrorism, Israel-Palestine
(picture description: Bugun television channel in Turkey broadcasting an overhead shot of police in riot gear standing face to face with journalists in a crammed area.)"On Wednesday morning, Turkish riot police stormed the offices of Koza Ipek Holding, a media group in Istanbul housing the Bugun TV channel and the Bugun and Millet newspapers.""Scenes of riot police suddenly and forcefully... Read more
Tags: Bogun TV Channel, Erdogan, Europe, Freedom of the Press, Freedom of the Press, Turkey
(picture descrtiption: two images of the Doctors Without Borders Hospitals in Saada left in absolute rubble after Monday night's bombing.)"Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières confirmed Tuesday afternoon that one of its small hospitals, located in the Haydan district in Saada Province, "was hit by several airstrikes beginning at 10:30 p.m. last night."""This is not the first such... Read more
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