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Photo credit: (Colin Mulvany/The Spokesman-Review, via AP) Picture description: Jan Devery marches with other minimum wage workers along Third Avenue in Spokane, Wash. where many fast food businesses are located, Tuesday, Nov. 10, 2015. They are supporting the “It’s Our Time” initiative pushing for higher minimum wages in the state. Rallies were also held in Seattle, Yakima and Olympia."Workers... Read more
Tags: Fast food workers, Fight for $15, Fight for $15, Labor rights, nationwide strikes, United States
Picture credit: wikimediaPhoto description: Three houses sit atop a hill in an Israeli settlementTwo days ago the Israeli government announced that they are officially recognizing two outposts as settlements and setting up to build an additional 2,200 units in already existing settlements. All of these moves occur in what is internationally recognized, through the United Nations, as Palestine,... Read more
Tags: Haaretz, Illegal Settlements, Illegal Settlements, Israel, Netanyahu, Israel-Palestine
Picture description: Two smoke stacks let off smoke into a purple sunset sky. On the ground is a large factory made yellow by the lampposts on the facility. "The head of a congressional committee on science has issued subpoenas to the Obama administration over a recent scientific study refuting claims that global warming had “paused” or slowed over the last decade. Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Tex... Read more
Tags: Beaurocracy, Climate Change Denial, Lamar Smith, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Adminsitration, NOAA, United States
Photo credit: Neema Githere via InstagramPicture description: Hundereds of students face the frame in a Yale Quad. At the front, students hold up a sign that reads "We out here, We've been here, we ain't leaving, we are loved."Today in New Haven, hundreds of students took part in the March of Resillience."On Halloween, a student wrote on Facebook she was turned away from a party at Sigma Alpha... Read more
Tags: Black Lives Matter, discrimination, March of Resilience, Race, race, United States, Yale University
Photo credit: Alexis BonogofskyPhoto description: Rancher Brad Sauer testifies at a hearing in Montana. Behind him, other supporters of a clean Montana are seated.In Southeast Montana, community members have successfully kept Arch Coal and Toungue River Railroad company from establishing mining facilities that would jeopardize the land that they live on.These members did not just rise up on the... Read more
Tags: Amish, Arch Coal, Climate Activists, Climate Change, Collective Action, Environmental Justice, Montana, Northern Cheyenne, Ranchers, Toungue River Railroad Company, North America
Photo credit: AP Photo / Jeff RobersonPhoto Description: Tim Wolfe Leans back covering his mouth with his hand. The foreground has out of focus microphones."University of Missouri President Tim Wolfe has announced his resignation.""The move comes after incidents of bigotry and racial vandalism that scarred the Columbia campus, followed by weeks of protest, a hunger strike by grad student... Read more
Tags: academia, Black Lives Matter, ConcernedStudent1950, Mizzou, Tim Wolfe, University of Missouri, North America
Photo courtesy: description: The cover of the second edition of Captive Genders: Trans Embodiment and the Prison Industrial Complex features a burning car filtered purple.)"Captive Genders: Trans Embodiment and the Prison Industrial Complex brings together trans, queer and gender nonconforming views on police and prisons. Its pages brim with anger, grief, hope,... Read more
Tags: #FundOurWork, intersectionality, Prison Abolition, prison industrial complex, Queer Liberation, Trans LIberation, North America
Photo courtesy: Aljazeera America/Holly Johnson/Tribune-Herald/AP via Twitter Picture Description: A group of Native Hawaiians march holding signs. Police are standing in front of them holding their arms out as if to stop them from continuing. "Native Hawaiians could soon have their own government, independent of the United States. Today, polls open for a 30-day voting period during which... Read more
Tags: Hawaii, Native Affairs, Native Hawaiians, Self-determination, Self-Determination, Sovereignty, Tribal sovereignty, United States
(picture description: A graph depicting the disparity of American income distribution by race. 8% of blacks occupy the top quintile while 21% of whites do. 6% of blacks occupy the fourth quintile while 23% of whites do. 16% of blacks occupy the third quintile while 23% of whites do. 37% of blacks occupy the second quintile while 20% of whites do. 32% of blacks occupy the first quintile while 14%... Read more
Tags: Black Lives Matter, Fund Black Futures, Racial Justice, Racialized Capitalism, Racism, United States