The Philippines' 'War on drugs'

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Luis Perez
The Philippines' 'War on drugs'

The newly elected President of the republic of the Philippines Rodrigo Roa Duterte is knowfor bringing peace and order to his home town Davao when he served as Mayor. One of his primary objectives is to crack down on criminality, especially those involving illegal drug pushing and use. Even before he was president, there has been some links between him and an alleged "Davao death squad", a vigilante group that targets supposed drug users and pushers. 

Now that Duterte is president, his presence in national politics has encouraged this kind of vigilante justice all across the nation. Dead bodies are showing up on the streets, with card board signs on them that says, "I am a drug pusher," as if to justify their fate. Their right to a fair trial is being taken away. The dead can't defend themselves, and the living are left wondering about their innocence; and more often than not, it is the poor who are targeted.

Is this kind of justice right if it produces results? Hundreds of suspects have surrendered to the government out of fear, and the 'hitmen' use this to justify their actions. Do the ends justify the means?