Man Shot by Anti-Arab Neighbor

In Tulsa, a Muslim-American man was shot and killed by his neighbor. Horrifyingly enough, this was not the first time the family experienced such run-ins with this neighbor. Earlier, he had ran over another family member with his car, causing her to end up in critical condition in the hospital. Reportedly, he called the family names, stating, "You dirty Arabs, get out of here." 

While this neighbor, Stanely Majors, was arrested for the hit and run, a judge allowed his releasment until trial in March 2017. He was without probation, drug tests, or trackers, back right next to the family.

The man who died, Khalid Jabara, called the police the night of his murder, warning them that Majors had a gun. However, since officers were not permitted into Majors house, they left, resulting in Jabara's death minutes later.

This unsettling case calls to attention the devasting affects of hate crimes, and racial/religious profiling. Such talk and actions of hate are human right violations, and yet, the judicial system does not seem to have a radar for the severity of such crimes, given as they let Majors go without so much as a tracker. America has long strides to make in order to be prejudice free agaisnt Muslim-Americans, but it is necessary we work to rid the country of such hate, as more lives need not be taken away. 

Date Published: 

Tuesday, August 16, 2016