Image Comparing Iraq Death Toll to Police Mortality

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So, I was scanning through my Facebook posts just now, and someone I know who is a police officer had posted this image with statistics. The image compares the death toll of troops in the Iraq War since 2001 to the death toll of on-duty police officers since the same time period. The numbers are almost identical, but what strikes me about these statistics is how selective they are. Nowhere is there any mention of the collateral damage of foreign citizens, or how lopsided this war on terror has been (sorry if I offend). There is also no statistic of how many citizens in the United States are killed by police in the line of duty, which does not answer our current issue of how systematically targetted many minority racial groups are. I've seen a number of pro-police posts on facebook, and it makes me frustrated how hard it is to get these individuals to separate their personal pride in their line of duty from discriminatory perceptions and actions in police protocol.

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015