Human-trafficking bust in Tennessee

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has announced Friday, August 5th, of an investigation that led to 41 arrests that involved human trafficking. Mark Gwyn, director of the TBI, said, “This has been our most significant operation to date.”

Thirty-four men, six women, and one juvenile have been arrested in this specific probe. Operations for the investigation used false ads on, of which were made by undercover agents. The number of responses was significant. According to the TBI, 485 men responded to the ads posted and more than 5,300 responded to the ads through text or phone. These number of responses “overwhelmed and disturbed” the agents involved. The arrests were then made over three days.

The case is hoped to deter future predators and human trafficking in the state. The TBI gives a serious message while handling those who have been convicted in the investigation. Beth Harwell, Republican state House Speaker, sums the investigation’s motives well: the arrests are a warning for those who promote human trafficking.



Photo: TBI Director Mark Gwyn during news conference of May 12, 2016 Credit: Andrew Nelles/ File/ The Tennessean

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Friday, August 5, 2016