How the refugee crisis changed German politics

The refugee crisis has brought a radical change within the German political system. There is high frustration within the German population and in times of the elections, the right-wing poulist Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) uses this disaffection to gain electoral votes. The article illustrates the political situation in Germany and explains that Germany's two largest parties (the 'CDU' and 'SPD') have begun to shrink - while for decades, these two parties were able to represent the various positions on the right and left side of the political spectrum. It is interesting to read about the fact that the electoral votes for the AfD most of all are a product of protest vote because so many Germans aren't satisfied with the current situation in Germany. In the end, the article gives a prospect on the future and shows the danger of German politics loosing "all checks and balances".

Date Published: 

Monday, March 14, 2016