The Flood in Xingtai

In Xingtai, China, the great rainstorm has continued for days and caused great damage to the local residents. According to the local government and media, 9 people died in the flood and 11 people were still missing by the time they reported the situation in news. Once published, the news caused a wide-range indignation among the local residents. More information was posed on social medias to protest the false statistics from the officoals, and try to reveal the real number of casualties, that is over a ahundred victims died in the flood. In addition, local residents and journalists claim that the inundation and huge casualty wasn't caused directly by the flood, but the inappropriate flood discharge of the local government. Journalists also find out that residents, who live in the downstream areas, were not informed before the flood discharge of the 18 dams. As a result, when the floodgates were opened at 1:00 am on July 21st, large amounts of people were drowned while sleeping. But by July 22nd, all information about the inappropriate flood discharge had been deleted on sicial medias, and there is no official reply on either the correct casualty or the discharge.

On July 22nd, angry survivors of the flood gathered on the national high way and tried to get a chance to speak to the government by blocking up the road. However, since gathering and demonstrating without asking government's approval in advance is considered illegal in China, they were soon suppressed by the military and local police.                



Date Published: 

Friday, July 22, 2016