European Borders - An Impasse for Refugees?!

The article "Greece: Chaos erupts at Idomeni border as Balkans routes shut down" by Amnesty International deals with the consequences of blocked borders in Europe. It not only informs the reader about what is happening in Europe to this time and clearly represents the situation at the European borders, it also describes the circumstances that refugees find themselves in. Besides, the article provides a critical view of European asylum politics. It denounces the will of Western-European countries to discourage asylum seekers to move to Western Europe instead of reforming their politics and creating a safe route for travellers that are coming to Europe. The article leads one to question the rules and stipulations of laws that exist for keeping certain people out of a country. This is a huge problem in whole Europe at the moment, which lets one assume that in politics, it is frequently forgotten that - no matter if we talk about immigration or forced expulsion- we still talk about actual human beings.

Date Published: 

Monday, February 29, 2016