Black Panthers in the NYTimes

I'm curious to hear what people think about this 7 minute documentary about the Black Panthers in the NY Times.  The Panthers were a huge source of inspiration for my mentors in the Asian American movement.


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Thursday, January 22, 2015





Thanks for sharing this! I

Thanks for sharing this! I don't know much about the Black Panthers, and I'm more familiar with the community service programs of the Black Panthers than their actions confronting police brutality, so this was a neat insight into the group's history. I was particularly interested by the reclamation of the right to bear arms as a way for citizens to protect each other from the forces of the state.

The conclusion of the documentary framed current protests in the context of their differences from the Black Panthers' actions: the accompanying text notes that "[t]here are no organized groups calling for armed revolution on the evening news." I wonder why the nature of the protests has changed, given that the problem, police violence, is the same.

That's a really interesting

That's a really interesting question -- to clarify, are you asking why there are no groups as large as the Panthers calling for revolution, or why the call for armed self-defense is less prominent today?