Bahraini Government versus Journalist Nabeel Rajab

1st August 2016 

Index on Censorship is an international organization that promotes and defends freedom of expression using journalism, campaigning and advocacy. They closely follow and report on a variety of stories from across the world to combat repression. At the centerpiece of a latest social media campaign using the hashtag #opinionsarenotcrimes is a story about Bahraini journalist Nabeel Rajab, who was given an award by the organization. He has been a target for authorities for the past two decades because of his vocal opposition to the government. In 2012 he spent two years in jail after posting anti-government comments on Twitter. More recent tweets have resulted in his trial being delayed by one month. This article provides a detailed outline of the history of his political career, highlighting some of the abuse he has faced as a result of his continued activism. 

Date Published: 

Monday, August 1, 2016